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Rainbow Bee Eater Bird

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why choose Australian Big Game Safaris?
    If you are looking to hunt truly free range wilderness areas for big buffalo trophies then this hunt might be in consideration for you. You will receive personalised service and guiding from the owner and operator Simon Kyle-Little who has decades of experience pursuing old trophy buffalo in the remotest corners of the Arnhemland Aboriginal Reserve. Home to the biggest wild buffalo in Australia.
  • Can I bring my wife/partner?
    Yes, provided the observers want to be part of the experience. It is not advised if they do not participate in the hunt. Australia has a lot to offer for wives/partners who do not wish to participate in the hunt. Sydney, the great barrier reef and Uluru in the heart of the continent are popular choices. Many tours can be arranged according to your interests.
  • Do I need vaccinations?
    Vaccination is not required to come to Australia. There is no Malaria so no requirement for Malaria medication.
  • Do I need a visa?
    Yes, you will need an electronic travel authority
  • Can I bring my gun?
    Yes, provided you do not want to travel in the rest of Australia. Your import permit is for the Northern territory only and your gun can not be taken to another state. In the case of further travels it is recommended to use one of our weapons We have several weapons to choose from.
  • Can I take my trophies or meat back with me?
    Unfortunately not, as export requirements are too onerous and you will risk having trophies confiscated.
  • How can I prepare myself for the hunt?
    Longer shots may be assisted with the use of shooting sticks or a nearby tree Be prepared to walk several miles in pursuit of old buffalo. They inhabit the remotest secluded parts of the hunting concession. At the time of booking conditions of the hunt will be clearly specified before you commit.
  • What should I bring?
    A hat and sturdy (worn in/ankle high) boots are essential. You may hunt in shorts and short sleeve shirts for coolness and comfort. A pair of sock gators is advised. If you prefer long pants and shirts this is also OK. Sunscreen and insect repellent are in camp. Mosquitoes are in very small numbers as are other bugs. We will provide you with a pack list upon your booking.
  • How do I get to camp?
    Most flights from the USA land on the east coast of Australia in either Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. From here you can get a connecting flight to Darwin after clearing customs in your arrival city. Upon arrival in Darwin we recommend an overnight stay in Darwin at one of the airport hotels. They have a 24 hr shuttle and are 300 yds from the main airport. We will pick you up for a morning departure direct to camp by 4WD.
  • Is there wifi in camp?
    There is cell phone cover at some high points across the concession. The camp has no wifi.
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