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Map of Hunting Grounds Arnhem Land

Before Your Hunt Essentials

Travel to Camp

Travelling from the United States there are generally three entry points to Australia: Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Most flights will connect you directly to Darwin. It may be necessary to overnight in these capitals should the flights not align. If a direct flight to Darwin is arranged then we recommend an overnight stay at a local Hotel. You will be met at either Darwin airport or the hotel that you stay at depending on arrival time. The travel time to both camps is approximately 6 hours and a connection directly to camp is only possible if you arrive AM. All pm arrivals will require an overnight stay. If arriving from Europe your flight will land directly in Darwin via Singapore or Indonesia.

Air Charters are not required to enter camp.

Camp access by 4wd

Please contact your local travel agent to help arrange your bookings.


It is a requirement by law that you obtain an international firearms licence for the Northern Territory. If you intend to travel further within Australia we do not suggest you bring guns with you as touring Australia with your weapon is extremely complicated. We recommend utilising our stock of available weapons. You may bring your own weapon if you hunt only in the Northern Territory and return to your respective country. 

We will help you with the paperwork prior to your hunt and you will obtain your international firearms license by arrival in camp. 


The Top End of Australia has a tropical climate. The Dry season, from May to October, has warm sunny days and cool nights. The minimum temperature is 50°F with a maximum average temperature of  90°F during day time.

Pack List


□ Flashlight

□ Binoculars

□ Broad-brimmed hat

□ Cap

□ Sunglasses

□ Sunblock

□ Insect repellent (only needed if fishing in mangroves)

□ 1 pair long trousers

□ 1 long-sleeved shirt

□ Shorts

□ T-shirts

□ Short-sleeved shirts

□ Sock guards or gaiters (lightweight) just to keep stickers out of your socks

□ Comfortable walking shoes/boots. Hunting can be on uneven ground, ankle support can be helpful. No Gore Tex needed. Make sure your boots are well worn.

□ Easy slip-on shoes to wear around camp

□ Lightweight jacket for evening time


Note: Please make sure hunting (this is also applicable for observers) clothes are dark camo or dark green. Light colours stand out in the bush.

Tourism Tips for Australia


The hunting season in Australia for Buffalo is from May until September, being the winter months in the southern part of the country. South of Sydney is characterised by colder weather and low daylight hours. However from Sydney north the climate temperate is becoming warmer and tropical north of Brisbane. This is the region of Australia we recommend you travel during the winter months. Classic points of interest in Australia are the blue mountains west of Sydney, Uluru in the red center and the rainforests of tropical North Queensland with the great barrier reef. For those wishing a city only visit after the hunt we recommend Sydney as being the first choice. Sydney's weather, its variety of entertainment and multicultural eating choices make it a great place to visit this time of year. Australia has much to offer in the form of boutique destinations devoid of mainstream tourism and we are here to help you make choices. There is something for everyone, so consider some additional travel after your hunt and discover the real Australia.

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