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Buffalo hunting in Arnhem land, Australia

A Traditional Buffalo Hunt

Tracking a wild buffalo bull in his home range is something you will never forget. Buffalos are big, they are dangerous, they can hit back. Every hunter and guide has a duty of care when deciding to hunt one of these animals, especially on foot and in the traditional way. 

There will be times when you are where you don't want to be and it is precisely at these times that you need to know your guide and he needs to know you: Welcome to dangerous game hunting.


Buffalo are best hunted on foot and this is the way we will conduct the hunt. To get the most from your experience and to secure a big trophy you must have the ability to walk for a few miles, carrying a gun and backpack. The ground is flat and relatively easy walking in most parts of the concession. There are some more difficult areas of escarpment and river valleys but mostly the going is easy.

Buffalos cover long distances to water and feed each day and we will pursue what we think is the right track when necessary. 

Most big buffalo are located by timing our walks into waterholes and feeding areas and not by individual tracking. By this method we are able to engage multiple bulls daily in search of that big trophy. Tracking will be used if we locate a bull we wish to follow and hunt or with wounded game.


A typical day starts at dawn with a full day in the field, looking for signs of fresh tracks. This is the beginning of the adventure which can result in a tremendous trophy being taken or the buffalo living for another day. You may walk one mile, ten or more after buffalo, however I work to every hunter's strength and advise constantly along the way what I am reading from the tracks. This is my most important job. I don't always get things right however, more often than not things work as planned.

Give yourself every chance and be able to shoot freehand at close range with a 375 caliber or greater. Practice this before you come and be proficient at this task and it will reward you.

There are many components that make a successful hunt. It will be your preparation that makes the difference. I look forward to meeting you in the bush for a hunt you will never forget.



This is the most critical point of the whole safari and where PH guidance is critical. The first shot is the one that counts. If this goes wrong then the tables have turned. It is important to be relaxed and composed. There are no snapshots on big buffalo or the chances are it will be a lost buffalo.

It is better to pass and re-engage than to take a marginal shot. We will take the time to get this right as it's critical for a clean kill. 

Buffalo bulls are extremely tough animals and can absorb a bad placed shot from any caliber.  They can walk miles with a 500 grain bullet badly placed leaving a blood trail which diminishes, then disappears.

They will not lay down and if tracked successfully will be standing in the thickest bush waiting. Most times they will break cover and disappear if not spotted and on occasions they will hit back.

This is the reality of buffalo hunting and this is why we focus on getting it right the first time.

Water Buffalo in the wild
Simon Kyle-Lyttle and Water Buffalo
Trophy Water Buffalo and gun
Simon KyleLyttle and hunter with water buffalo
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